The below information contains the route map, exactly where in Centennial Park we are starting from and where to park, where the walk is ending on the Capitol grounds, and where to park at the State Capitol.

It is ideal if you are walking with at least 1 other person to have one park at your starting point and one park at your finish point. As the size of the group grows enough to merit the expense, group transportation will be provided. Therefore, each participant will need to have their own transportation from the Capitol or their exit point, if that is not the Capitol. Uber/Lyft are great options, but at the participant's expense.


The full route (click for full size)


*All times are estimated. Call 402-512-3001 for live information

1-Start from Waukee's Centennial Park (1255 Warrior Ln.) 9:11

2-Waukee Fire House 9:20-9:30

3-West Des Moines/Clive Fire House on 68th St. 10:40-11:00

4-West Des Moines Fire House on Ashworth 12:10-12:30

5-Clive Fire House on 8800 Hickman Ave. 1:50-2:10 ****Half-Way Mark****

6-Windsor Heights Fire House on 66th St. 2:50-3:10

7- Glendale Cemetery 4:00-4:10 stop on west side along 55th (55th and forest ave)

8-Des Moines Fire House on 42nd St. 4:50-5:10

9-Des Moines City Fire House on Mulberry St. 6:10-6:30

10- End State Capitol 7:10

****Please provide your own transportation from the point you exit the walk. If you think you may not make it as far as you expect, please plan ahead for someone to pick you up.****

Total Estimated Walking Time 7 hours, 25 minutes

Total Estimated Rest Time 1 hour, 40 minutes

Total Estimated Event time 9 hours, 5 minutes



*If you choose to join us at a rest stop, please be courteous and park away from the fire station. We do not want to impede regular operations.* 

In Centennial Park, we can park in the gravel parking lot south of the starting point (see below park here image). If additional parking is needed, we can use the grass near the gravel lot.

More Detail:


parking detail (click for larger image):


We finish our walk at Buffalo Fountain as shown below in red all caps text. If you'd like to climb the steps all the way until the Capitol building, feel free. However, after walking 21 miles, steps are usually an enemy 🙂


If you plan to park on the State Capitol grounds, please do so in the visitor's designated parking area. Plan ahead and bring the required method of payment.